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  1. By Lou Schirmer on

    Speaking of straight-6 engines, I just noticed the MTBs aren’t listed in the Specs pages at the end. Were they left out for a reason or do they need to be added in?

  2. By Generalstarwars333 on

    Hey, when did the League cross over again? I can’t remember, and I’m interested in the kind of tanks they might’ve brought with’em. Among other things.

      1. By Generalstarwars333 on

        1939? Hmmm…. So basically france is the only one with many tanks at this time, at least out of Italy, France, Germany, and Spain. Germany has some tanks, but it’s the french ones that the allies are gonna need to worry about. The worst are gonna be the S35s and the B1s. The S35s will be rather rare though, so more likely they’ll face numerous infantry/light tanks with the same 37mm gun that the Renault FT had in WWI. The Char B1 will be a big problem though. For that, I think the allies are going to need to bring 4″50’s on field carriages into play, since I don’t foresee any of their other current weapons hurting a Char B1. A Derby Gun won’t do, since they use blackpowder propellant and most likely don’t have the muzzle velocity. A 3″23 on a field carriage won’t do either, since the 75mm KwK 37, a gun with a similar length, couldn’t kill a Char B1 either. A 4″50 would make mincemeat out of a B1 though. So the allies pretty much need to either get a 4″50 out onto land, or pray to god they can make a decent anti-tank gun out of the 75mm AA guns on Savoie before they start fighting the League. For the rest of the League tanks, I think a .50 cal should be sufficient to destroy most of them.

        1. By Generalstarwars333 on

          Well, maybe not a .50 cal for the actual tanks. It should work fine on the tankettes, but for the infantry tanks they’ll probably need a Derby Gun or a 3″23 on a field carriage.

          1. By Matt White on

            Putting a 4″/50 into a tank would make even the Russians blush and they were known for mounting oversized cannons. One thing to keep in mind is naval guns tend to be built heavier than tank guns for the same caliber. Part of that I think is because they are meant for a hard life at sea but I think it’s also meant for them to hold up better in sustained fire. Remember neval guns are artillery and when you get into battle you don’t stop shooting. Plenty of cases of US warships having their gun barrels glow red after a battle. A 4 inch gun is also 100mm it would probably wreck even a tiger at normal tank engagement ranges.

            No that thing would be a monster and hard to move, even as an artillery piece it isn’t what I would call mobile. You need trucks to move it not pack animals.

            A tank gun would have to be optimized for the task. Early tanks used light artillery because that’s what was available and their job was smashing bunkers. A 37mm does that fine. If you want to kill other tanks you need a light and accurate high velocity gun. Right now the Union doesn’t really have anything like that. The naval guns are poorly suited to land use and the artillery they do have like the derby would be a good assault gun but a poor anti armor weapon.

            The good news is we don’t need them right now. Getting modern artillery to the army is a bigger priority I think and when the time comes to develop a proper tank I don’t think something like a Stuart would be hard to develop. Alden is going to be familiar with them and when time comes for tanks thats probably what he will ask for. Against late 30’s European designs a Stuart would do pretty well too.

          2. By Justin on

            Probably not late Thirties. Even some Interwar light tanks sport 30-40mm of front armour – a 37mm shell is going to bounce right off an H35, much less a B1:

            Nah, the Allied tanks need something like a 47mm or 50mm, at least on the 3rd Generation model (the current tank being Gen 1 and the “Stuart” Gen 2).
            And if the League has a few B1 bis lying around, they’re going to need divine intervention…

          3. By Generalstarwars333 on

            Matt: I was just thinking their current weapons. If they can develop a dedicated anti-tank gun, that’d be much better than dragging a 4″50 everywhere. It’s just that they currently don’t have any dedicated anti-tank guns. And IDK if it’d make the russians blush. They put a 6″ gun on the KV-2, SU-152, and ISU-152, and put a 130mm Naval Gun on a KV-1 chassis in the SU-100Y. So if they got a big enough chassis, then they could just use the same design pretty much for the entirety of their war with the league. Maybe cut it down to a 4″40 like Lou suggested. Heck, if they got a big enough truck chassis, they could probably use that and hope to god they get the B1s before the B1s get them.

          4. By Justin on

            For now, the Allies have Derby guns and the Type 96s, both of which should be able to nail at least Italian lights/tankettes and (possible) Spanish Verdejas.

            Not very useful against most League armour, yes, but remember that tank v. tank combat is pretty rare compared to tank v. infantry combat. A French 75, given proper HE, is at least capable of wiping out any opposing defenses… assuming decent protection and no heavy AT pieces, of course.

        2. By Lou Schirmer on

          A 4″/50 would be a bit long a tank. That’s 16.6′ without the breech mechanism. On a tank destroyer chassis it might do better, but I’d still cut it down to maybe 40 caliber. Still long enough for good ballistics, but handier on a tank or tank destroyer. I think their best bet for immediate production, would be a tank destroyer type with a cut down 4″/40 in a casemate mount with 10-15 degrees of traverse off bore sight. They could use the 225 HP straight-6 as a power plant. That has all the power something like that needs. Give it 2.5″ of sloped plate in front, 1.5-2″ sides & 1″ rear with a pintle mount .50 on top & you’re good to go. Something like that could handle anything the LOT would have brought with them & they have everything needed already in production except the transmission. That’s the only thing I see slowing down development. That & that it’s not an urgent need yet, but a probable one down the road.

          1. By Generalstarwars333 on

            I wasn’t even thinking of putting a 4″50 in a chassis. I just had it in some kind of field carriage in mind, but your idea seems like it’d be much more effective, or at the very least more mobile. I imagine the Republic has some transmissions if they have trucks, though those probably aren’t good for tanks.

          2. By Lou Schirmer on

            Actually a 2-3 speed heavy truck transmission would be a decent starting point. The real difference comes in at the drive wheels. So you might have the main transmission sending power to another “drive” transmission, like a car differential. The “Clutch Brake” type is about the simplest & may be what they’re using now. The Panzers & T-34s used them also.


        3. By Justin on

          Muzzle velocity is only half the problem – without proper AT shells, the Allies might as well be firing round shot.

          Failing that, the good news is that Char B1s are slow. Enough artillery or good ol’ sticky bombs should be able to do the job. Or perhaps they could reconfigure a mortar to work as a crude PIAT launcher…

          1. By Lou Schirmer on

            Of course for the infantry, they might start experimenting with Bazookas or Panzerfausts.

      2. By Charles Simpson on

        Remember the League comes from a different reality and what our history books say France, Italy, Spain, and Germany have in tanks is not what they have in the new reality. IE. they have what Taylor Anderson says they have, and he ain’t said yet.

        1. By Generalstarwars333 on

          Yes, but chances are they’ll have very similar, if not identical tanks to those in our timeline, considering that the messerschmidt still got designed(just produced in italy), the hurricane still got designed, and the P40 still got designed.

          1. By Justin on

            Sounds right – the story appears to be going with mostly OTL vehicles with AU histories. Much easier to research than flat-out “what-ifs.”

        2. By Alexey Shiro on

          Well, the French philosophy of tank building would probably be the same. It was formed under the experience of the First Workd War, and the divergence point in League’s world timeline is later.

          But the actual models might be different. Let’s not forget, in 1930s France spended too little on military. In League’s world, with nationalists in power – the situation clearly would be different, so french army would have more tanks and better tanks than in our world. The S35 would be pretty common (its mass production was delayed due to lack of funds), and it is actually possible that some analogue of S40 would be around in 1939.

          1. By Lou Schirmer on

            The French in our world actually had more & better tanks than Germany when the war started. Their doctrine & employment was the problem.

  3. By Nestor on

    @ Aleksey – Sure, biology is also part of the equation, but still, it looks like triggers for the evolution of general intellectual abilities would remain somewhat consistent across species.

  4. By Lou Schirmer on

    Has anyone else been getting auto-e-mails from here regarding “New comment on your post “Technical Discussions””, or whatever category discussions?
    I don’t get them all the time, but every now & then one shows up.
    Just curious.

  5. By Charles Simpson on

    As I know many here do not do Facebook here is Taylor on gambling in the series:

    * * * * Future Book Spoiler Warning! * * * *

    E-Mailed Taylor Anderson about gambling He gave a spoiler and permission to post here, enjoy:

    Yeah, not much of a gambler, for money, anymore. And I’ve been confronted with numerous life threatening situations. Maybe that took the gambling urge out of me. I can see how it might make others crave it, but when you’re overloaded with excitement, gambling becomes just a past time to relieve the boredom between life-threatening situations and the money doesn’t even matter. I do still “gamble,” or maybe the better word is “dare” to engage in risky activities, and always will. But I approach those things as carefully and safely as possible (more so as I become a tad more fragile :) ) and consider them calculated risks, not gambling. Boredom rarely enters my life, I’m always doing something. The last time I experienced utter, mind crushing boredom (besides a few stints in the hospital) was on movie sets. I tended to fill those times like Silva would, with pranks. Can’t help it. And I’ve always been chummy with the FX guys, proving that one of the worst combinations of all is “bored men and gunpowder.” Obviously, nothing destructive ever entailed, just loud noises at inappropriate times . . .

    And competitive as Lemurians have become, with marbles and baseball–they already had various “hand” games, pugilistic contests, probably rivals among the crews of grikakka boats as well–but they didn’t have money. If they gambled at all, it was for objects, favors, etc. I’m sure there are still a few D-men running around with decks of cards, maybe even hustling ‘Cats out of their new pay, but that could destroy card or dice gambling faster than anything on this world. ‘Cats aren’t much into games of chance. Even hand games, the closest they come, have a lot to do with observation. Maybe they’d eventually see that card games do too, but dice? I’d have to give that some sociological thought. I’ve got them shooting marbles in the middle of an unexpected situation in the upcoming, but I’ll ponder throwing in another acey duecy or poker game at some point.

  6. By Generalstarwars333 on

    I’m rereading Devil’s Due, and I’ve come up with two questions. First, it is mentioned that Savoie sank three allied ships. I know she sank Amerika, but for the life of me I can’t remember her sinking any other allied ships. Second, Taylor, how do you do the accents for all the different characters? Like, how do you come up with how they work, and how do you keep track of the changes to letters and who has which accent?

    1. Taylor AndersonsBy Taylor Andersons on

      Savoie only sank Amerika, but the French sub sank Respite Island and a steam/sail DD, so three ships sunk by the League.
      As for the accents, wow. I don’t know if I can explain all that and still get any work done today. I’ll try to keep it brief. Some are obvious, like Silva, etc. Courtney has an Aussie twang, of course, but as an internationally employed engineer, he would’ve worked hard to keep his English “standard.” Typical Aussie figures of speech escape him from time to time, primarily in unguarded moments. The Impies have a kind of Brit/Scot mix, less noticeable in upper classes. Repubs have no real accent, but recent arrivals and their children do. (You may have noticed that even Lemurian Repubs rarely use double As). Their speech has become pretty homogenized. La-Lanti, Maroons and Shee-Ree speak degenerated (or less degenerated) versions of the languages of their relations. Nussies talk pretty much the way they always did, using generally careful enunciation. Other combined races and nationalities–(There would’ve been a LOT of Irish with them originally)– have conformed. I reasoned that would be likely since “American” English of the mid 19th Century had already been influenced by many accents and careful enunciation was common among professionals, particularly soldiers. It’s likely they speak Spanish, as well as various other languages of people they’ve come in Contact with.

      1. By Justin on

        Sounds about right. The Khonashi language probably has a trace of Malay too.

        Question: have Bekiaa and Courtney learned Latin/German, or are the Kaiser and legions speaking English? Surely Amerika can’t have taken THAT many prisoners…

        1. Taylor AndersonsBy Taylor Andersons on

          Absolutely, and lots of considerations like that go into things. As usual, I probably actually spend too MUCH time thinking about such things.
          In the Republic, like elsewhere, “Lemurian” would’ve been the base language, and with a single (known) source, it has remained fairly universally stable. German and English have become the “Industrial” languages, and spread out enough over a quarter century that most people need a little of it so with Lemurian and English, Bekiaa wouldn’t have had that much trouble learning to make herself understood. It was established that the Kaiser spoke English and German, and Courtney spoke Latin, of course. (The fact Nig-Taak is increasingly called “Kaiser” proves how much German has invaded their society. As to the actual Repub language, though, who knows what all has influenced it over the ages. Every time some new group showed up with a tech advantage, some of its language would’ve leaked out into the whole. It seems that the most enduring external influences have been Latin and some kind of Chinese, so they were probably the largest bulk contributors, though neither would’ve necessarily required a single crossover event.

          1. By Nestor on

            Here’s a more general question: would you consider non-human primates and/or dromaeosaurids to have a better innate ability to learn a foreign language than humans?

          2. Taylor AndersonsBy Taylor Andersons on

            Interesting question, Nestor, and hard to answer without a deep, rambling, sociological debate. In general, however, the speed with which people learn languages seems to be in direct proportion to how fast they NEED to. The ‘Cats learned English fast because they knew they needed to. It took the Grik, with the exception of Halik, forever to learn another language because they didn’t much care. Some of them understood English a little, because it had been the technical language used since they first captured the Maroons, but most still make almost no effort to actually speak it. Part of that is physiological, of course.

          3. By Alexey Shiro on

            And, actually, biological too… As far as I knew, at least part of ability to learn differen languages in genetically determined. I.e. it is part of biology, too, not just sociology. Both ‘Cats and Griks have different brain structure than humans. There is no reason why they couldn’t have etter innate ability to learn a foreign language than humans.

          4. By Nestor on

            I see. So at least it’s fair to say that language ability is influenced by sociological or psychological pressures (or lack thereof) just like any other intellectual adaptation and it’s relatively consistent across all sentient species.

          5. By Nestor on

            @ Aleksey – Sure, biology is also part of the equation, but still, it looks like triggers for the evolution of general intellectual abilities would remain somewhat consistent across species.

          6. By Clifton Sutherland on

            I agree. Currently, I’m learning Chinese. I have a couple of years to do it, but I know it will be useful, both for what I want to do in the military, and for work later on.

            That said, if I was shipping out to china in December, I imagine I would be learning it at a slightly faster pace!

            I would imagine that languages disseminate vaguely along the lines of how they are used in society. A language of the political elite wouldnt be used by the commoners- look at english while French was the language of the court. The Lemurians are adapting english throughout society because of wide dissemination- huge swathes of the population are being employed in war industry or the military, which use a lot of english essential to function.

            I bet if the Doms captured a bunch of elite english-speaking engineers, if anything, only the upper classes or the industrialists would ever bother learning it- peasant farmers wouldnt need to know. Same with Hij and English- useful for navigation and nautical nonsense, but a mainland artisan probably doesnt need it.

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