March 17

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Ahoy there!  Welcome to the Destroyermen Discussion Forum!  I’ll make occasional posts here, but feel free to choose any category you’d like, listed low and to the right!  Click there, and it will take you to the ongoing exchange pertinent to that category.  Have fun!


I finally got “The Word”  from my publisher.  I didn’t want to have to bring this up, but I must–

I have no problem with Fan-Fiction. I know it happens, and I’m actually honored that that it does. It’s gratifying that my stories inspire people to creatively express their vision or version of events within them. However, for legal reasons I won’t read it, so please don’t send it to me–or post it here.

I’ve been advised to post this disclaimer:

Taylor Anderson is the original creator of the Destroyermen World, and everything that happens in it.  By the act of writing, painting, drawing, or otherwise creating anything that borrows inspiration from that world, characters, or any events portrayed, wherever you present it, you expressly acknowledge Taylor Anderson as the source of that inspiration, and will never hold him liable for any perceived exploitation of your work, inspired by him.

Sorry I have to do this.  If I didn’t, we’d have to stop all the interactive things we do on this site, including model and art contests. It’s certainly not about choking off your creativity, it’s about avoiding lawsuits.


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