Straits of Hell is Coming!

Are you ready? May 6th is fast approaching and I’m hearing all sorts of excitement in the air. I simply cannot wait to share the next adventure with all of you.

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Thank you so much for being such loyal and amazing readers.

Book Ten – STRAITS OF HELL — Release Date and Cover Art

We are pleased to announce that Straits of Hell, #10 in the New York Times Bestselling Destroyermen Series will be released on May 5, 2015!

It is already available for pre-order!

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As always, I’m profoundly indebted to all the people who’ve enjoyed the yarn and allowed me to keep playing in my own little world!  I hope you like the latest as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I know waiting until May 5th is a long time, but in the interim, here is the cover art for Straits of Hell!

What do you think?

Straits of Hell Final

The Doom Whomper is Finished!

More Doom Whomper!

Finished the lock and it sparks well.  (Note the maker’s mark.  Ha!) Have already let it into the stock and started final shaping.

The Doom Whomper

Well, I finally started building Silva’s “Doom Whomper.”  The barrel has been turned and breeched and I found a big enough hunk of walnut to swallow the bloody thing.  All is being done with tools and knowledge that would have been available to Silva through his strange life–and at the Baalkpan Arsenal.  Enjoy!

New Audio Interview with Taylor & Bill Dufris

Please take a listen to this interview done by Tantor Audio with Taylor Anderson and the voice behind the Destroyermen audio books, Bill Dufris!

There is also an exciting contest being run by the great folks over at Tantor, and when they post the details, I’ll update the blog!

How are you all enjoying the new book?


Deadly Shores Cover Art Released!

We’re pleased to announce that “Deadly Shores,” Number 9 in the Destroyermen Series, will be released on May 6, 2014!

What do you think of the cover art?

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New Destroyermen Book Title Announced!

I am pleased to announce that Deadly Shores is the name of the next book in the Destroyermen Series of novels and will be released on May 6th, 2014.

The book is already available to pre-order and cover art will be coming soon!

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A sincere thank you to all the fans of the series who keep reading the novels! Without you, there’d be no more books!

Model Contest Entry

Reader Ken Paterson writes:

I made a model of Walker (though my method might have turned out more
interesting than the finished product). I’m not sure how much stuff I
can put in this contact form so I put together an album with more
details here:

I encourage you guys to head on over there and check them out!

Reminder on the model contest:

Also — a quick thank you to those who came by and said hello at the San Antonio Worldcon!

Review of Storm Surge – Strategy and Tactics Press

Below was a great review from Published here with their consent! A hearty thank you to them!

A Fantastical World War II: The Destroyermen, by Taylor Anderson

Reviewed by Ty Bomba

There’s a lot of military-adventure-in-alternative-timelines novels available these days and, of course, the genre has roots going all the back to Odysseus in ancient literature and to Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court in modern-era fiction. That having been noted, it’s still this simple when it comes to these books: if you enjoy science fiction and WW2-based fiction, you’ve got a supremely enjoyable reading experience available to you in Taylor Anderson’s eight-volume (so far) Destroyermen.

The saga – for that’s surely what this story has grown into in the fullest sense of the word – begins early in historic 1942, as the remnants of the Allied ABDA Fleet retreat south through Indonesia in front of the unrelenting Japanese offensive. Among those ships, two US Navy “four stacker” World War I-era destroyers try to escape what’s otherwise sure to be a fatal attack from a Japanese cruiser by hiding in a squall. They come out the other side on an Earth in another dimension, one where the dinosaur-killing Yucatan asteroid never struck.

Long story short: the alternative Earth is dominated by two intelligent species. One of them, the Grik, are savage reptilian raptors. The other is mammalian: round-eyed lemurs, which the sailors quickly come to nickname the “Cats,” and which in our dimension survive only on Madagascar.

The two “races” are warring with each other using technology roughly equivalent to that of our 17th century. The Americans, of course, throw in with the Cats, which – given the mid-20th century weaponry they introduce into the fight – would seemingly make short work of the saurians.

The rub, though, comes from the fact it turns out the Japanese cruiser followed the destroyers into the squall, to emerge some miles off in the same ocean. Longer story even shorter: the already somewhat reptilian Imperial Japanese have no qualms about throwing in with the lizard-like Grik.

With that, an ever geographically expanding and technologically surging alternative World War is off and running. In it, the action is tense and non-stop and the characterizations rich (though more so on the Cat/American side than on the Grik/Japanese). The subplots are plentiful and as entertainingly riveting as the main story, while the many plot twists are well calculated to keep you turning pages when you should be doing other things.

The eighth volume, Storm Surge, has just been published (July 2013). The others, in order of appearance (and they should be read in order) are: Into the Storm, Crusade, Maelstrom, Distant Thunders, Rising Tides, Firestorm and Iron Gray Sea.

One caveat: Storm Surge isn’t the end of the saga. If you’re a reader who likes to have all the volumes of multi-book sequences in front of you before starting into it, you’ve got longer to wait. I don’t recommend that approach here, though, because, the way this is going, there could easily be another eight books coming.